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Providing extrea-curricular activities has always been at the heart of our school.  Unfortunately, due to Local Authority covid-19 council restrictions, we are unable to provide these at this time.

Park View staff run a variety of Activity Clubs for pupils across the year.  Every stage is given an opportunity to attend different clubs and we include a range of activities which link to all areas of the curriculum. 

Our Active Schools Coordinator, also works closely with the school to provide specialist coaches for numerous sporting Activity Clubs. You can follow @ActiveSchoolsSL on Twitter to keep up to date with their latest news.

LunchTime Activity Clubs operate on a 'drop in' basis.  However, parental consent forms must be returned for After-School Activity Clubs and the staff member/coach must be informed if a pupil is not going to attend on a given day.

We would prefer if pupils in P1 -P3 were collected from After-School Activity Clubs by a responsible adult.  However, pupils can go home alone, if written parental consent has been given in advance.

Stage          Activity                   Day              Time     Location       
  Start Date                  

End Date                
Lead Adult             
Gym Hall
Mr McKissock
P4-P5 Golf Tuesday 3-4pm Gym Hall 22/10/19 26/11/19 Mrs Longmuir
P5-P7 Spanish Thursday 3-4pm Room 4 24/10/19 14/11/19 Mrs Morley
P1-P3 Choir Friday 12:25-12:45pm Gym Hall 25/10/19 20/12/19 Mrs Niewczas
P5-P7 Stretch and Strength Monday 3-4pm Gym Hall 25/11/19 16/11/19 Mrs Aiton
P2 Multisport Thursday 12:25-12:45pm Gym Hall 7/11/19 12/12/19 Mr McKissock (+P7s)
P3 Dodgeball Tuesday 12:25-12:45pm Gym Hall 12/11/19 10/12/19 SLC Coaches
P4 Dodgeball Tuesday 12:45-1:10pm Gym Hall 12/11/19 10/12/19 SLC Coaches
P4-P5 Basketball Wednesday 3-4pm Gym Hall 13/11/19 11/12/19 SLC Coaches
P6 and P7 Coding Tuesday 3-4pm ICT suite 14/1/20 4/2/20 Miss Feeney
P2 and P3 Sports Games Tuesday 12:25-12:45pm Gym Hall 21/1/20 25/2/20 SLC Coaches
P6 and P7 Sports Games Tuesday 12:45-1:10pm Gym Hall 21/1/20 25/2/20 SLC Coaches
P1 Multisports Thursday 12:25-12:45pm Gym Hall 23/1/20 20/2/20 Mr McKissock (+P7s)
P4 and P5 Football Friday 12:45-1:10pm Gym Hall 24/1/20 28/2/20 SLC Coaches
P5-P7 Dance Club Mon/Wed/Thu Mon/Thu: 3-4pm
Wed: Lunch
Gym Hall 17/2/20 9/3/20 Miss Rowan
P4 Tennis Club Thursday 3pm-4pm Gym Hall 27/2/20 2/4/20 Miss Sheikh
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